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Our Approach

At Ironwood, we value the how as much as the what. How you do something is just as important as what you achieve. Here’s a look at how we do our research.



The idea of how to meet the needs of a patient, the spark that gets a new program off the ground, can come from anyone at Ironwood. In fact, idea generation isn't just allowed at all levels, it's expected. Internally, we have a new idea generation process that taps into the entire research organization. We also leverage the talent of our internal scientific team to help us identify external opportunities – our research team is highly integrated with our in-licensing team. Read about our culture of innovation



Once we find a program to advance, we take a highly disciplined approach to R&D that emphasizes data-driven decision making, clearly defined go/no go criteria and prioritization of programs at all stages. Through rigorous application of this method, and through great science, we believe we increase the likelihood of keeping our efforts trained on those activities most likely to yield important new medicines. Indeed, our lead drug was the result of just such a process, and we strive to
replicate this success as
we enhance our



At Ironwood, the art and science of making medicine is a process that requires a lot of skill, a little luck, and constant collaboration. Our research and development teams work closely with each other, and also with our in-house commercial teams such as market research and reimbursement, as well as corporate development, compliance and many others. Bringing medicines to patients requires the integration of these and other disciplines, and our shared hallways, kitchens and ping pong tables help facilitate brainstorming and interaction.